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Prediction Magic

TestRail, magical globe

The tools and approaches like Agile/Lead Metrics help make predictions on everything from delivery to defects.

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Testing Event-Driven Application Architectures: An Asynchronous Approach

asychronous interactions, TestRail

Event-driven application architectures make it so that various components in a very large distributed system can communicate and interoperate asynchronously. Event-driven architectures are the glue that binds the various services and components that make up the system together.

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Tips For Successfully Managing Outsourced Test Teams

TestRail, manager working on a computer

Working with outsourced test teams can offer great advantages. Tips for maintaining a positive and effective working arrangement with outsourced teams.

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4 Agile Testing Trends That Will Continue in 2022

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Since their inception in 2001, agile practices have radically evolved. It was first about shifting from the waterfall model of software development to focusing on iterative development using Scrum, XP, and other methodologies.

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Remote Culture: Easy Activities and Ideas for Big Wins

TestRail, Tester and developer collaboration

Connected teams produce higher quality products. Ideas for easy activities to create a culture of learning, and collaboration in order to help teams of testers and developers work together better.

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Remote Culture: Host a Virtual Company Event

TestRail, Man holding a green flag

Companies that pride themselves on having a great corporate culture need to adapt in order to stay connected as a remote workforce. What distributed companies can do to bring teams together, especially when physically getting together isn’t an option right now.

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How to Decide if You Should Automate a Test Case

TestRail, The girl carrying the files

Test automation is imperative for the fast-paced agile projects of today. Testers need to continuously plan, design and execute automated tests to ensure the quality of the software. But the most important task is to decide what to automate first.

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The Unexpected Dream Team: Testers and Customer Support

TestRail, relationships between support team and test team

Testing teams can work alongside customer support teams. This can improve quality by: providing ideas for areas to test, triaging issues, learning from customers about how products are being used.

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Balance in Test Automation

TestRail, Manual testing and test automation

Some experts advocate “Automate Everything.” Other experts assert “There is no such thing as automated testing.” Most of us just want to do our jobs the best way we can. We might use tools to help test the UI or with mobile apps. How do we balance when and where to use test automation tools?

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Tester’s Diary: More Hands Make Better Work

TestRail, Collaboration

More hands definitely make less work for each individual, but ensemble programming and testing also make better work for the end user.

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